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    Default Grand Scenic towbar

    I have a 2007 Grand Scenic that I want to put a tower on. Does anyone have a spare or know where I might (a) acquire one or (b) have one made up? I've been in touch with French Connection and European Auto Imports with no luck. RA supplied a bar section thru Barry Bourke but with no fittings, bolts, wiring loom or instructions so I'm going to have to return it. Any advice appreciated!


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    Last year we got a towbar and all the bits for our Series II Scenic from the local Renault dealer - special import as there was no stock in Oz. They couldn't supply a wiring harness. However, the local towbar specialist could supply a generic wiring harness (but not a towbar) and we got the Renault dealer to do the job. All well. Needless to say, I haven't yet used it!!

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