R12 Early Heater Tap
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    Default R12 Early Heater Tap

    Hi Peeps, does anyone have a new early R12 heater tap laying around by any chance? If not has anyone pulled one apart and been able to successfully replace the seals? Mine is approaching 50 years of age and will be the only weak link in the cooling system, so I think it would be foolish not to reco or replace it.

    Any constructive thoughts most appreciated.



    Johnny G

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    They are easy to pull apart.

    First remove the heater from the car.

    when the heater is out you will find a circlip around the aluminium shaft that, remove it, then pull off the white plastic fitting that the black lock nut screwed onto.

    you will now be able to see a slot in the brass heater tap that you will see a pin of about 4 to 5 mm dia. this pin holds the tap together and also the stops for the end of travel for the tap. Knock this pin out with a pin punch.

    When the pin is out you will now be able to remove the middle part of the tap, it just pulls out.

    When you have this out you will see an "O" ring, you will need to replace this as it is the part that usually leaks.

    I got my replacement "O" ring from a hydraulic supplier, just find one that is close as possible to the right size.

    When it comes time to re-assemble use some vaseline or silicon lube around the "O" ring.

    The rest is just the reverse to dismantling.
    Regards Col

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