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Thread: New Alpine - will we really see one on the road?

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    Previously being a strong proponent of manuals through a rally career and then through many MX5's , Alfa's and other cars the Getrag in my Clio Sort RsSleaves then in the shade.Faster and you can change manually mid corner it is so quick in sport or race mode.Sorry this is a real paradign change, just wish i had the readies for the new A110.

    Current 2015 Clio Sport RS200 ND MX5, prev Megane Gt Line diesel hatch,Laguna 111 diesel, Lag 11 diesel,lag 11 V6,clio x2 ,Megane sedan;R10'and 12's x heaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schlitzaugen View Post
    It would be for me.

    What would you choose?
    4C is compromised. They cheaped out in critical areas like the rear strut suspension, and they're just not as good as promised. The Alpine promises to be a better drive with proper double wishbone all round and a more civilised ride. Plus its way prettier
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