Recently I've just noticed that one of the clips that holds the right hand rear sun blind up to the window, is missing on my 2013 Latitude. There are two clips that holds the sun blind in place when being used and it's the second clip that's gone missing (the one that's closer to the rear of the car). Could some one please point me in the right direction in trying to find another one?

I've gone into Renault and they've quoted me $500 dollars!! because I need to purchase the whole window blind and clips as a package, they don't just sell the clips, which is ridiculous!! I've had a look on ebay and googled some Euro wreckers, but nothing seems to be coming up.

I've just sold the car, to my brother so at least it's staying in the family and they have a 6 month old baby and that is the side they will have the baby capsule sitting on and so will use the window blind more than I ever have.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! If I need to post pictures to help explain myself better, then I'm more than happy to.