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    Default Spark plug extensions

    Hi all


    Does any know whether there are spark plug extensions available for an R8G motor. I have them on my Fuego Turbo (807 motor with R18 fuel injection) which has deep spark plug recesses. They are too long for an R8G motor. The problem is making sure I connect the ignition leads to the plugs in my A110. Unlike the R8G, plugs 1 and 2 are well inside the engine bay on my A110 which makes it difficult, without a lot of patience, to find the tip of the plug and securely connect the ignition lead.

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    Where have you tried? I'm thinking starting with the usual sources, Alpine Affaire/Mecaparts/Simon Auto/GBS, etc., those places would have the required A110 experience to know which will fit with no fuss.
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    On my R5 A/G motor, my mechanic used some from a Nissan or Toyota (or whatnot) with similar recessed spark plugs. One incidental advantage of them is that when one has unscrewed a plug, it is easily extracted by used of the extension as a lifter.

    So, a visit to a wrecker or Autobarn or . ..

    cheers! Peter

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    My suggestion as well. I have found some leads that fit perfectly the 807 engine and some that fit the 205GTI engine by just rummaging through the blue boxes (can't remember the brand name) at Supershit. The brand makes some nice fat wires (8mm?) with silicone covered ends, great stuff.

    The wires I have found for the 807 engine even come with nice rubber covers for the spark tubes and the extension section is some hard bakelite-like material.

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