Hi there,
Can anyone tell me ( Renault Service people give conflicting info ) if the thermostate is a classical mechanical or an map ( ECU ) controlled thermostate. There is an electric wire going to the thermostate.... the one mechanic tells me it is a heater coil ( that would be the ECU controlled version.. according to the map/ ECU progeamming 5 volts get applied to the thermostate integrated heater coil ,to make it swith open before the engine operating temperature is reached..)
The other technical specialist from Renault Melbourne tells me ... the cable going there is just the coolant fluid temperature sensore..... Is this realy the right answer...


If it was a map controlled thermostate ,and by some ECU mailfunction 5 volts were applied all the time... that could explain the very slow getting to operating temperature.

Would be very pleased for your input
Thanks , Guenther