It's been a busy old repairing time on the Megane.

My 2007 Megane II 2.0l 5spd man sedan developed a fault with the rear driver side electric window. Whenever the auto close was used the window would seemingly hit an end switch before it stopped, which caused it to bounce back to an open position (about 5cm open I guess).


While it was possible to carefully close the window with the button, the automatic close no longer functioned. This is a pain, as it means the double-click auto-window close, which we love and use all the time, was now next to useless.

There are a heap of threads on the internet about resetting the electric windows on a Renault, but nothing I did seemed to work. Most of these guides were about recovering from a dead/disconnected battery situation, or a blown or removed fuse. The pathology of that case is that the auto close mechanism only moves the window a few inches at a time.

This was not the problem I had, but decided to try removing the 30A fuse for the rear electric windows. Sure enough when I replaced the fuse I had the normal limited movement pathology described above, and the reset protocol (close windows both windows all the way and then hold the switches in the closed position for 2/5/10secs -- opinions vary) worked!


Just thought I'd post this in case it was of any use to anyone else who had the same issue I did.