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    Default Renault Alpine book

    Hi all

    Am currently in UK on Sabbatical and was checking out Foyle's car book section in London ( enormous bookshop in CharingCross rd )


    British economy is now rescued

    Found an interesting title that I had not seen before and which may be of interest to the Alpinisti. Don't yet have an A110 myself ( but would kill for one - have excellent 240z as swap )

    It is a history of the Alpine, predominantly the A110, with emphasis on development and racing/rally history, but moderate mechanical detail. Kept me happily sitting on the floor for half an hour, but I had to be strong, so didn't get it.

    It may already be well known to those who need to know, but have put this up in case it isn't

    Foyles will ship overseas

    Alpine Renault
    The fabulous berlinettes

    Roy Smith
    Veloce Publications

    ISBN 978-1-845844-6-36847-04404-6 ( print was microscopic , so I can't promise that all numbers correct, so if you get odd result search on title )

    GBP 75.00

    Best Wishes


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    Yes, great book. I think I got mine from Pitstop Bookshop in Oz but can't remember. Roy Smith has written several big and thorough books of its type.

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