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Thread: R12 Alternator Upgrade

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    Another good reason my cars have battery isolation switches. Makes it very easy to avoid any zaps and sparks when working on or near those components.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnW View Post
    I love that. Disconnect the battery when changing the oil filter.

    There must be room somewhere for a fuel filter on the suction side of the pump. ??
    It's no big deal to disconnect the battery in a 12. The battery terminal has a wing nut so one doesn't even need any tools.
    There are no computers that need PIN numbers and in mine there's not even a clock or stereo to reset.
    The joys of simplicity.

    Regarding the fuel filter, there's a solid fuel line running from the rear subframe to the inner front guard.
    There's about a 2 inch gap between the pipe and pump in the front and probably slightly longer in the rear between the pipe and fuel tank. The back is out, I don't want to be crawling under the car to check or change a fuel filter.
    I could possibly cut down the solid pipe in the front but then I'd have to mount the filter under the front guard.
    It's not ideal but it came from the factory like this in 1973 and if it was good enough for Renault back then it's good enough for me now.

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