175/70-13 (again)
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    Default 175/70-13 (again)

    Some time ago, I was moaning about the lack of anything very decent by way of tyres in this size (ideal for the 4.5" rim R12/15/17 family) - at least ones that were available in Australia. Given the desirability of a fairly taut tyre for these vehicles I suggested one of Hankook's Asian-market tyres, the Kinergy Ex, as promising. Whatever its charms might have proved to be, a look at its listing whilst on Hankook's revised web site (for another reason) shows the removal of that size (& of the Ventus V2 Concept in 185/60-13, a real pity, although something I predicted - anyone after that size - 5" rim or wider - should hop in quick before stocks are exhausted - I bought 4 for my Moke and it's a nice handling and gripping tyre).

    While hunting for 185/60-14 tyres, I note that there's another new tyre released. This time it's a return by B.F. Goodrich to passenger car tyre sales with another :-( Asian-market tyre (from Maylasia), the Advantage T/A Drive. At this stage of information (or lack thereof) I can but await a possible Choice test but BFG's propaganda doesn't even mention compounding - always a bad sign in my experience for wet grip hopes. Two promising signs for handling response crispness are: first, near double ply sidewalls (fold-up "flippers" go up to the tread edge) - this was also a feature of the Hankook Ex &, although intended for impact resistance, they help the sidewall transmit twisting steering inputs; and, second, the tread looks stably blocked on the edges.

    Anyway, it's listed for 175/70-13.

    Advantage T/A Drive tyre | Passenger Tyres | Products | BFGoodrich Tires Australia & New Zealand

    Apart from that, it's the Yoko AE01, Bridgestone's AR20, Michelin's XM2 . . . - none are appalling (although the latter two are also Asian-market lines, normally a bad sign for wet grip hopes and the XM2 is a mediocre wet braker) but . . . .


    sigh! Peter
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