It was my partner's fault ...
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Thread: It was my partner's fault ...

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    Default It was my partner's fault ...

    Well, if I hadn’t been looking for a replacement vehicle to replace one of the family ones (an aging Camry: written off by a hit-and-run at mid-day on a Sunday, when it was sitting unattended in a dead-end street opposite the house!), I wouldn’t have been looking at Manheim auctions website one Friday evening a few weeks ago. It was then I noticed a phase II/series I Clio sport up for auction the next day. (A sudden addition: it wasn’t the previous Saturday when I normally look).

    So popped down in curiosity the next morning as I had not much to do and …., um, er, oops I bought it!

    So I am now the possessor of ‘The Clio Sport Grin’.

    (Oh, and also happy announce that I picked up a very nice Fluence for them a week later).

    So buying the Clio had nothing to do with me, really!

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    Accidents happen
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    I wouldn't call the write off of a Camry an accident, especially if the result was acquiring a Clio and Fluence.

    It's very much good fortune.
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