Need to replace inertia reel seat belts in R12
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    Default Need to replace inertia reel seat belts in R12

    my 76 R12 has inertia reel belts for the front seats. Not sure if they're standard or added later. The driver side reel has crapped out and needs to be replaced. I bought a new one from Repco but the mounting bracket in my car is very different from what I got from Repco. The old one is mounted onto a large kind of oval shape plate that bolts into the frame at each end.
    Does anybody have any of these?

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    I had to install new belts in an ICV I registered in 2013.

    They had to be brand new and have tags with recent build dates.

    I can't recall the name of the company who supplied them but Googling would have been how I found them.

    They supplied the correct belt for the vehicle I had based my car on.

    I just Googled "New seat belts Australia" and came up with quite a few starters.

    Seat Belt King sounds familiar.

    I paid around $150-160.00 each.

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    Will have a look got two late Virage wrecks.
    Which colour?

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    A universal seat belt such as the kind you can get at Repco probably has a single mount lug underneath the spool. The oval plate in the R12 has a central hole in the plate that marries up to a captive nut in the sill (left over from when the 12 had static belts). The Repco belt could probably be made to bolt up but you might not be able to move the seat back as the seat will hit the spool. You've probably noticed there's bugger-all room between the seat adjuster and the sill.

    Need to replace inertia reel seat belts in R12-r12-seat-belt-mount.jpg

    The problem with a second hand belt is that even if the webbing is still good, the return spring in the spool is likely past it's best and it might not retract fully or at all. Even the youngest R12 are pushing 40 years old.

    There was a company here in Brisbane that made seat belts, not just rewebbing but made the complete belt and mechanism. Someone like that might be able to make some bespoke belts but it's likely the belts will cost more than the car is worth.
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    Did a search on here ,came up with this says 10 percent off for ausifroggers worth a try ,

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