Laguna 2002 Airbag ECU
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Thread: Laguna 2002 Airbag ECU

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    Default Laguna 2002 Airbag ECU

    After years of a slightly annoying intermittent airbag light I decided to get serious. As the local Renault repairer had pin pointed the connector under the passenger seat but I had cleaned and cleaned the connectors with no real progress I decided to have a look at the airbag module under the console. First off cleaned the connector at the module which seemed to help a bit but not entirely removed the problem...also a strange fault of when I accelerated hard while passing and got to about 4000 revs the light would come on until i had completed and engine speed had decreased....which to me pointed to a power supply problem...anyway removed the airbag module and opened it up. Found that the 4 capacitors 25volt 2200 uf had bulging tops which usually means that they are a bit stressed from overheating...not usually a good sign. Also the earth solder on the sides of the circuit board had become worn down from vibration. First things first I resoldered the earth connectors on the board and put it all back together making sure to screwing the 4 small screws down firmly to stop any board movement. Put it all back into the car and almost now no airbag light...great...
    Got from ebay UK the same model airbag ecu with matching numbers ( am not going to replace the capacitors without a spare working airbag ECU ) and have done the same to the new ( 2nd hand ) airbag module ( solder to earth and screw down firmly ) and installed...all works fine now with no light showing so far...Am going to replace the capacitors in the original airbag module and reinstall when completed just to prove that this fault was the capacitors...will update when done...
    Anybody else gone this far ? So far so good...

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    I have had my air bag light on my 2002 Laguna a few times, I have put it down to the connector under the seat as it came on once while I was adjusting the seat.

    Sounds like you have found a great fix to the problem, these cars are starting to get old and bulging capacitors are easily replaced.
    Regards Col

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