F4R mysterious roast meat smell and a dog that loved the underside of the scenic
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Thread: F4R mysterious roast meat smell and a dog that loved the underside of the scenic

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    Default F4R mysterious roast meat smell and a dog that loved the underside of the scenic

    Recently i had our scenic parked in the winery overnight.
    also recently I had reason to remove the flexi hose to the air cleaner as it ha started to delaminate.

    Upon start up the following morning we had a muffled metallic clunk and a very lumpy kick over followed by a very certain misfire that rectified itself in about thirty seconds.(sounded like someone had put a rag in the cylinders).


    Driving home there become a roast meat type of smell from the car and upon arrival at the in-laws,
    Billy the in-laws new silky terrier dog took up residence under the car with his sniffer going overtime.

    The ride home to Mayfield held much of the same savoury smell with me getting under the car on arrival to look for the rodent that we where sit roasting.

    No rodent to be found so me thinks that the F4R motors are not ravenous petrol guzzlers but will swallow a mouse hole and not spit it out.

    The question I ask is - If i was a mouse would I eat my way through the air cleaner filament to get in or would I climb upside down into the exhaust and traverse the silencer maze and tunnels into the exhaust valve port and rest my weary bones in that warm cosy place.

    The answer will require some seriously stupid comment and fun making of the situation from fellow AF members
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    Dunno about the cooking smell.

    But a cat mixed up with a Hilux serpentine belt is not a pretty sight nor a pleasant clean up job.

    I had that unfortunate situation whilst in a clients driveway. It appears kitty chose a warm, but unfortunate spot to snooze.

    Fortunately the owner was away and we packed the remains in plastic bags and disposed of a long way away.

    The ethical dilemma was if we should tell the owner.

    I made the call we couldn't be sure who was the owner and in view of the unfortunate form of demise it was probably best to leave them guessing. And the cat was probably old and deaf not to hear the car doors closing, and cats typically go missing to die in peace.

    But the event upset me quite a lot.

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    Let the nose that knows show you... Follow the terrier

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    Hmm, bits of mouse in the cat(alytic converter). It was holding a valve open until suitably broken up I suppose.

    I recall having a rabbit wrapped around a driveshaft, but nothing I've experienced can match a cat in a serpentine belt.

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