We are replacing our XC90 with a people mover, and the boss lady is pretty keen on the Estimas , and also the SsangYong Stavic, but I would also like to look at the Grand Scenics, as they are bloody cheap for the KM that they have done!!


She's worried that the back row of seats just wont cut it in terms of being able to carry 2 fairly long limbed girls as they get older, but I am sure there are folks on here who have had teenagers in the back of them. Any owners on here able to help me convince the wife to at least check them out??
Also interested in any pitfalls you have come across ( I know the auto's can be an issue)
I'm not completely adverse to the idea of the Estima (I reckon someone on here has a 3LT V6 one???) but would also love to see a completely Renault driveway at home!!