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Thread: 185/60-13 update

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    Default 185/60-13 update

    Some time ago, I bemoaned the diminished availability of half-way decent road tyres (as opposed to track-day ones) in 185/60-13. My personal interest was for tyres to replace some age-expired Yokohama A539 tyres in that size on my warm Moke. However the size strikes me as a nice one for anything in the R12/R17 family with 5" wheels or wider.

    The only at all plausible candidate was Hankook's obsolescent Ventus V2 Concept. 185/60-13 is one of only two sizes available in that tyre (replaced by the Concept 2). I suspected that availability would cease soon so I bought 4 when Hankook had a deal on.

    They were fitted a month ago but, when doing the alignment, we noticed excess rear toe-out. This turned out to be due to a cracked sub-frame (a 13"-wheeled Moke problem due to the greater stresses from the longer trailing arms under lateral loads). So, a subframe had to be refurbished & reinforced for fitment to my Moke.

    This just happened. It involved a trip from Launceston to Hobart to see the Mini specialist. As some of you might be aware, Tasmania has had a hell of a lot of rain recently & the trip was a good chance to see how the V2s went in the wet (&, as it happened, in driving heavy sleet). The point of this post is to report on tyres which were a bit of a gamble (& for which I know of no magazine tests).

    There are a few qualities I like tyres to have & I'll list my comments under those categories.

    Crisp response:

    I run the fronts on 35psi & the rears on 25psi. On those pressures, turn-in is nicely crisp. It's not as sharp as the Yokos were but is certainly not soggy. The steering also has a nice progressive feel to it, nicer than the more abrupt & less linear Yokos.

    Lateral grip-dry:

    Fine; not as good as the Yokos but satisfying enough.

    Lateral grip - wet:

    Pretty good; much better then the Yokos were, even when new, although not as good (as for as I can judge, given different cars) as Conti's EC3, PC2 or PC5.


    Not yet tested (beyond normal braking) in dry or wet.

    Transient behaviour:

    I place considerable importance on this for a road car toy. I consider limit behaviour to be a marked merit of the V2 in both dry &, especially, wet conditions. The tyres are very talkative & signal the beginning stages of grip loss very clearly. Thus remedial reactions can be timely. On one roundabout that was streaming wet & traffic free with lots of room, I pressed past initial signals to generate an understeer slide & then transferred weight to the front abruptly to unstick the rear. Throughout, the tyres' behaviour was transparent, grip loss was gradual & the tyres responded nicely to remedial action without any snappiness anywhere.


    Comfort, silence, economy, long life . . .:

    No interest in these & no comments on them for the V2.

    So, in my view, the purchase gamble paid off. A nice tyre that is good in the wet without being too "soggy" in the dry owing to tread block instability.

    Last remaining test for them would be wet braking but the pattern looks optimised for that & the compound is a good wet compound so I predict no problems there. Or, at least, no tyre problems; Mokes are prone to rear lock-up in hard wet braking.

    cheers! Peter
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