08 Traffic fuel delivery(?) problem
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    Default 08 Traffic fuel delivery(?) problem

    Hi guys, figured I'll try here first to look for suggestions to what my 2008 diesel Trafic (190,000kms) problem may be. This only happens intermittently and only seams to happen on cold start. It will start, then cut out within a second or two. Then after repeated attempts to start, it will slowly start to sputter and try and start, then after a couple of more goes, it will fire up and all will be fine and it will run as normal. I am guessing a fuel delivery issue of some sort. Any guesses as to what though? Could it be a partial clogged filter? Air leak into fuel line?
    Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated.


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    Could be an air leak at the engine allowing the fuel to run back to the tank ,if it dousnt have a priming bulb ,turn the key on and off a few times before you crank, its not unusual for the in tank punp to run for a few seconds after the key is turned on ,to allow the in tank pump ,if it has one [check list of fuses ]to prime the engine driven pressure pump

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