R19 back on the road
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Thread: R19 back on the road

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    Default R19 back on the road

    G'day Froggers, I finally have Renee back on the road. I have been driving her for the last 10 days just to make sure everything is doing what it should. I put in a new fan belt, timing belt kit and of course had to repair my strut tower. The tower was rusted on all "four sides" where it connects to the guards and firewall. I cannot find any rust anywhere else in the entire car. I swear someone on the production line was having a really bad day or knew they were getting the sack. It is simply the most logical answer to this rust. Living out in the country I had limited resources available to me. I borrowed a friends ball-pein hammer and box mallet. I had no folders or rollers available. My friend's Mig welder had no gas. The flux was on the wire. The metal was just way to thin to properly weld so I decided to bolt it all together. I would have preferred to rivet it using Monel rivets, however I didn't have the snaps and they were $4 for a 1/4" X 5/16th" rivet. The stainless bolts and nylocs nuts were less than half the price. I apologise for the quality of the photos. I am really pleased with the way the repair turned out. I just need to spray the inside with the matching colour or as close as I can find. The car was off the road for 4 months. the repair and maintenance probably took me around a total of 100/120 hours. The Europeans certainly have some differing ideas to other manufacturers. Some ideas are really good. Some ideas are just complicated for the sake of it. The sump plug was a prime example. I have also never been so frustrated by so many impossibly tight bolts. The passing years have taught me to just walk away, lol.

    Yours Sincerely

    R19 back on the road-img_7819.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7818.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7884.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7882.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7885.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7892.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7883.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7891.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7895.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7898.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7899.jpgR19 back on the road-img_7903.jpg

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    Wow - that's incredible. The extent of the work really isn't apparent until you see the shot with all the new 'panels' spread out on the ground. Great 'bush' ingenuity !


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    +1 Wot he said and well done.

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    Great result.

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