Hi all, I'm working towards getting my G shell dipped at Redistrip in Blacktown Sydney, which is an Alkaline bath and not acid,(they then give it a light temporary coat - may last for up to a year), my question to my fellow froggers is who does a full immersed dip etch prime of a complete shell? This will protect it properly and contact every surface inside and out.

(I'm familiar with crushed glass, garnet and walnut blasting too as well as acid dipping)

I can find this in the U.S.A. but not here in Straya, I'm aware that you can drill holes and pump wax and the like into the box sections and cavities - this cannot coat everything and could rust from the inside out. So does anyone know of someone? Glen Gipperich was telling me he thought there may have been one in Dandenong, if it means in interstate trip we can do that.

Any help appreciated