Drove out to Tullamarine Airport today 12 noon or thereabouts and
followed a nice white 85-86 Fuego with modified wheel and tyres original
plates along Bell Street Coburg and onto the Freeway, then at the airport
saw a nice red Fuego drive through, and later in the afternoon another red
Fuego in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Haven't seen those particular cars driving around Melbourne Before this.

Seems to be an upsurge of interest with many more of these beautiful
cars coming back on our roads. Perhaps its because of this Forum and
its helpful members who maintain and service their own cars and share
information on solving the quite minor quirks of this wonderful car.


Incidently last week I saw a Silver Fuego for sale near Winchelsea on the
approaches to Geelong however I was on strict orders to keep driving home
and not even THINK of purchasing another Fuego!! Only got a fleeting
glimse but it looked fairly straight and clean.

I have done quite a few Kilometres myself in the Silver 86 as we have been
showing visitors around Victoria for the past few weeks - even crammed a five foot 12 inch (his description) Scotsman into the rear seat of the Fuego without complaint!