Hi Folks,

I was looking for a cargo/boot liner that would cover the whole rear area (with back seats down) and came across these guys in Victoria - Tru-Fit Carpets | Automotive Products

They currently do not have anything for my make and model of my car but they emailed me and said, "Iím sorry but we donít havethis model but if you are in Melbourne and can bring the car in we can take atemplate from it."
The bloke Rhys gave me rough quote of $95 for one. After having a good read up and look at their products on line I think this is a very good price.
Unfortunately I live in Gympie, QLD so is impossible for me to drop
the car in so they can take a template from it.

So I was wondering if anyone from this community who has the same make and model as mine and who lives near Arlie Ave, Dandenong, Victoria could possibly drop in for me and get a template done?




2008 Renault H45 Koleos Dynamique 4x2 Petrol Auto