So after buying a second Clio for parts, then getting excited hoping that would become the main car, and my car the parts one, I've decided to go back to plan A. I do notice the extra power of the 1.6 over the 1.4 on the freeway, and there's a lot of nice little things the Privilege has that the Expression doesn't (trip computer, fog lights, variable intermitent wipers, climate control, and also far nicer seats), that are a bit of a bummer, but I've decided that despite having done over 100,000km more, I'll stick with the devil I know.


The new car is filthy dirty (three hours with a steam cleaner just to clean the controls I'll touch to drive home), and has had one service in the last 4 years, and it's full of decayed leaves in every possible crevice. So it really hasn't been taken care of. I'd need to get a roadworthy, and the timing belt needs changing, something I did 12 months ago on mine.

But how hard is it to change some of the stuff over?
-Is it just the controller unit to change AC over to climate control, or is there more that needs doing?
-It it much to take the fog lights and change them over from a Privilege to an Expression?
-I think the trip computer will be too much trouble. The digital display needs changing, and the wiper controller stalk to, not to mention anything else.

I'm going to change the interior over, as a drivers seat is one of the main things I needed, and aside from being filthy dirty, it's actually in prett good condition. The trim is also much nicer.

On the plus side the spare tyre is completely new, and I've learnt how to take the key apart to replace the battery.

Another couple of little discrepancies I've noticed between a 2002 Privilege, and 2003 Expression Verve. Anyone know the reason for these, is it year or trim?
-Priviledge has exterior key lock on both sides. Expression only has it on passenger side (LHD drivers);
-Priviledge has orange side repeater indicators, Expression has clear/white that illuminate orange;
-On controller for electric mirrors, you turn the knob to select which side then press the knob to move the mirrors. The Priviledge has the mirror selection underneath the knob, and the Expression has it above. Both are the right way around (select left dot, left mirror, right dot, right mirror), so the whole unit hasn't been moved around. On the Expression you turn counter-clockwise for left mirror, on the Priviledge it's clockwise.

Just a few strange little things.