[I]post scriptum[/I] on 145/65-15 on 4" rims
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    Default [I]post scriptum[/I] on 145/65-15 on 4" rims

    As some might recall, I have been (futilely, I think) suggesting that for those with 4" X 15 rims on any rear-engined Renault (tube-type or tubeless & whatever the bead profile) the safest & best performing option is to fit Continental's EcoContact EP in 145/65-15 (early Smart fronts & to be fitted without a tube).


    So far, this is repetitious & is just to reset the scene. I have also noted in the past that my only experience of driving on them was when a wheel on my warm R8 was being replaced &, instead of my normal 165/65-14 fronts on 4-5" rims & 185/60-14 rears on 5.5, I ran 165/65-14 rears & 145/65-15 fronts on standard 4" non-tubeless Renault R10 rims (my spare size for R8, 4CVG & Djet). Predictably, I had a few weeks of experimental fanging of this set-up in wet & dry & in simulated emergency hard braking & lane-changing jinking. I was impressed. Overall limits were lower than with my normal set-up but balance & limit behaviour was good.

    My Djet has been running on 165/65-14 PremiumContact2 tubeless tyres on reversed R16TX 4.5x14 rims (non-tubeless type). As this size is no longer available in the PC2 but 165/70 is, I took advantage of a recent "4 for the price of 3" offer to get 4 of the 165/70 (with the old Djet 165/65s becoming 4CVG & R8 fronts). Last week the swap was completed & a newly shod Djet was gently driven home in the wet (gently because the tyres still had their slick "mould release" coating unscuffed off).

    Next morning one front tyre was flat. Bummer. It went back to Bob Jane for diagnosis & remediation (turned out there was a slow leak between valve stem & rim - fixed by sealant) & on went a 145/65-15 spare. As I had cause to use the Djet for a couple of days I had the interesting experience of running odd front tyres. Same diameter & both full tread but different width, type. sidewall height, sidewall tension & profile. And: with different pressures. Oddly for a mid-engined car, I run higher front pressures normally (I like a neutral to oversteer balance & the Djet is almost telekinetically controllable). So, F36 & R32 is what I've settled on. The spare was put on the front with 44 psi.

    All of which finally brings me to my point.

    Again predictably, I had an exploratory fang for the two days I drove it odd-tyred. Astonishingly (to me at least, as I am a very tyre-sensitive driver), I couldn't really tell the difference from normal. Those two days were dry, so things might differ in the wet, but my conclusion from the experience was a robust confirmation of my respect for the 145/65 on 4 x 15 rims combination.

    So, to repeat (no doubt futilely again), I can't see why anyone with 4 X 15 Renault rims would fit anything else.

    cheers! Peter
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