Experiences with new Clio - base and sports? or Kaptur
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    Default Experiences with new Clio - base and sports? or Kaptur

    My wife is looking to upgrade to a new car and the Clio's have a good finance deal at the moment.

    Has anyone got a Sport that they can give me some feedback on? Is the ride too firm? Do ladies like them? Is the fuel consumption too much compared to the base Clio?


    Anyone want to comment on the Clio vs the Kaptur?

    She is stepping out of a 2012 Megan auto diesel.

    Thanks, Erik

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    My wife loves the Clio Sport, Manual Transmission, Recaro Seats, Gun Engine, Brembos, heaps of go.
    Sticky Continental tyres last about 18K, who cares.
    So much fun to drive never worry about fuel consumption.
    Reliable as all get out

    Hard to get a drive myself

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    A friend of mine has an early 2014 Clio 1.2 Expression. He does a fair few k's (lives Ballarat works Melbourne), and looked at trading up to a Captur. Wasn't really impressed by the Captur at all. Didn't drive as well, and less zippy. The change-over absolutely floored him. $16k. Was 27k for base Captur EDC with metallic paint and a something else, but because that was such a huge discount 'there was no room to move' on trade, so could only $11k. Not sure how many k's back then, but needs 90k service before Christmas. Lost half it's value in around 18 months.

    He's happy as with the Clio, far more economical than anything he's had, and feels really stable, and got power when your foot down. He's hanging onto it for a few more years, after all has unlimited km warranty.

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