rentualt master scan tool and problem with master van 20111
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    Icon4 rentualt master scan tool and problem with master van 20111

    i am looking to a scan tool for my Renault 2011 master van witch is the best one to go for with out spending a shit load i am having a problem with me Renault van where the turbo is dropping in and out and the glow plug light is coming on on dash i have had it at my mechanic for the past 2 and a bit weeks but i need my car back on the road for work it is costing me a shit load


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    I have an Autel MD802 that I bought a bit over a year ago for around $250 from China. It claims to do all vehicles with OBD2 connection, certainly there are many brands that come up on the screen, including Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. I have tried it on an 09 Landcruiser, 99 Corolla, 09 Volvo XC90, 05 Falcon, all with no dramas.

    It recognizes the vehicle and tells you all the specs including the VIN. You can then get all the warnings and failures as well as live data like lambda, temps, throttle position and such. Faults can be erased, but will return if still there. Rather than fault codes, it will tell you in plain English the actual fault, like fuel pressure too low.

    I have found the info very useful on my common rail diesel Volvo, even telling me about a fault code brought up because I overfilled the oil by 3mm on the dipstick. I now leave it down 5mm from the top.

    I expect it would work on your Master, but would recommend you look up the info on the Scan tool to see if it is appropriate for your vehicle.
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