Renault in Russia
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    Default Renault in Russia

    Last year Renault completed purchase of the Lada manufacturer, Avtovaz only to see the market drop 33% and their sales 37%. With the long term prospects of this emerging market being good but the short term being constrained, they are trying to buy Moskvitch which should be relatively cheap at the moment.

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    I thought Moskvitch went broke in the early 90s?

    They certainly aren't marketing cars in Russia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 68 404 View Post
    I thought Moskvitch went broke in the early 90s?

    They certainly aren't marketing cars in Russia.

    You sparked my curiosity:-
    "The factory, which had been renamed to OAO Moskvitch (Moskvitch Joint Stock Company) in the early 1990s, filed for bankruptcy in 2002 and ceased production. The factory remains idle and abandoned, everything left as it was in 2002. Unfinished bodyshells remain on the production line in various stages of completion, while furniture, computers, office supplies, and documents remain in the plant's administration building. Several attempts to restart production have been made over the next 3 years, but none were successful.
    Recently, a portion of the abandoned plant was acquired by OAO Avtoframos, a 38%-62% joint venture between the City of Moscow and French automaker Renault SA. In 2005, Avtoframos commenced assembly of Renault Logan sedans from imported complete knock-down kits (CKDs). The presence of Avtoframos brought new life to a small part of the facility, but the majority of the sprawling plant remains abandoned, apparently still owned by the dormant Moskvitch company.
    The bankruptcy of OAO Moskvitch was officially announced in 2006 and the company was liquidated the following year.
    Since 2009 owner of brand Moskvitch is German automotive company Volkswagen. In 2011 Volkswagen extended its brand ownership rights until 2021"
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