Clio II issues - will not start
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    Default Clio II issues - will not start

    My 2003 clio started to run a bit sluggish. Thought I may have had some bad fuel, so ran on premium fuel fuel injector cleaner, New plugs, new fuel filter. Do not improve. On a run to work started to then loose more power & drop back gears more. The. It stopped.
    Now will not start. Checked fuel system & cleaned injectors. Auto electrician checked electrical system & appears ok. Some code for the transmission control module is coming up though. Spoke to a renault technician who advised if put on their diagnostic equipment could indicate exactly what the problem is. Did indicate though that could be gearbox solenoids which are an issue with this gearbox & cost around $1200 to fix. Only thing is I would have to truck the car there (more cost). I have spent enough on the vehicle recently, including new ring gear & starter motor (quite costly).
    Any ideas that I may try before I just sell as is or scrap the car?


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    Need to know what the code was. Then you can look it up on the net. Don't give up yet :-)

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    It could be a number of things. Has the car always run on 91 (effectively standard) octane fuel? They are designed to run on minimum 95 octane fuel, so long term use of 91 octane may cause harm.

    Then there is the top dead centre sensor, which detects off the flywheel when to fire the spark. These can fail, usually intermittently – then terminally, and cause the car not to start. But I'd imagine if the technician has checked for a spark.

    As for gearbox solenoids, these generally affect the drive of the car through the transmission, not whether the car will start or not.

    You say the car won't start. Does it turn over, and just keep churning over with the motor not even firing, turn over with some attempt to fire, or is the starter just dead? Have you given it a shot of something like Aerostart in the plenum to see if it fires? Also, are you a member of a road service organisation (RAA/RACV/NRMA/RACT/RACQ etc)? If they get a call out and the car won't start, you will get a “free” tow (for cost of membership, plus possible excess k's depending on membership status).
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    I see this car is for sale. I have a manual gearbox and the other parts required if someone wanted to make it a manual. Assuming it's a k series engine.

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    Top dead centre senso is the first place I would start.
    Having had a 2001 Scenic for 10 years and my son had the same Clio for about 3 years, the issue is common. Just a bad place to out the sensor, right above the flywheel.

    It's at the top of the bell housing, below the intake tracking so you'll need to remove the air intake tubing and the big housing to see it.
    Remove it, clean the sensor tip with a spray of contact cleaner. If you have none of that, just give it a very very light rub with extremely fine wet and dry.

    Replace it and it will start first go.

    Wow, if it is the solenoids, only 1 usually is the fault.

    Where are you located?

    I can give you a number of the service dept in Brisbane you can call as they are very helpful and won't steer you towrds a costly repair that won't be necessary.

    New ring gear and starter, what the hell went wrong there?
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    Default Clio II issues - will not start

    I have removed & cleaned TDC sensor, but not luck. Auto electrician did indicate spark ok. Car does turn over & it is trying to kick over but does nothing.
    If the car has not been running on RON 95 fuel, what type of damage/issues can this cause?

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