353 transmission A sad Case
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Thread: 353 transmission A sad Case

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    Default 353 transmission A sad Case

    I happened to purchase a bunch of Renault stuff and with it came a 353 transmission that was badly corroded so I decided to try to take it apart ! I had somewhat success and thought I would post it on the forum not sure how much interest there is in it but I do remember some time back there was a question about how to repair a 353 transmission . I also compared it to the newer 330 style transmission case and was wondering about if I could salvage enough parts that maybe I could use a 330-39 guts and install a set of 5th gears that would be a over drive . I also would be interested if any one had a English Manual on the 353 trans.
    Your comments would be most welcome and I can do more of a follow up comparison to the 330 trans if there is interested since I am in the middle of putting a 330 together for my Manic.

    As a side note I had soaked the trans for several days in penetrant fluid with not much success but things really start to come apart when I tried using brake fluid as a penetrant ( who would of thought of brake fluid doing a better job than a expensive penetrant fluid )


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    It really is dead
    You could use the selector mech and spacer plate and end case on the 330 case but all the gears the mainshaft and diff are beyond economical repair
    Could maybe build a 5 speed big box if you had a R5 alpine or 16 tx to get all the gears from
    Well if it was easy everybody would do it

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    I also had a gearbox rusted like this from condensation ,i had it stored under a house ,try soaking the rusted parts in a mixture of molasses and water ,do a test to see if it causes pitting ,although ,all the gears will be case hardened,,you will need bearings ,theres a guy in england who specializes in these boxes ,i recall from the pre internet days that some bearings were hard to obtain ,pugs

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