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Thread: Dacia/Renault 8 eBay

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    Default Dacia/Renault 8 eBay

    I'm not used to seeing a Dacia badge on a R8. It's always interesting spotting the differences when compared to our local market offerings. The dash seems to be the most obvious difference but there appears to be something odd in the engine bay. What's that thing by the base of the jack? An ignition coil perhaps? I see it also comes with a quality Romanian roadside breakdown emergency kit - sticky tape!

    Renault Other Coupe | eBay




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    I'm already liking the futuristic plenum chamber air scoops and sexy front and rear headrests! Funky!
    Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone............

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    Interesting and thanks. I wonder whether they used thicker panel steel?

    Note no HT lead from coil to distributor. Air scoops indeed Kim - if there is one car that does not need such things, it is the R8/10 series!

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    This guy must have been taking tips on how to write ads from our friend in Melbourne that had the $12,000 R12.
    Like the R12, this ad also appears to been entered with the decimal point on the price in the wrong position and has been put in at USD6500 instead of USD650.00. Even at 650 it would be ambitious.

    "Perfect condition" if you're blind and your seeing-eye dog isn't very car knowledgeable about cars.
    Antilock brakes, power seats, sunroof, really?
    Home made map pockets on the doors, no carpet, looks like mastic has been used for a rear door seal.
    Spurious bits of wire in the engine bay seemingly going nowhere or holding pipes.
    And what is the round thing near the jack?
    "If I have frontal accident I can't find parts". Top marks for honesty, but why would the buyer have any more luck finding parts if they have an accident.
    The roll of gaffa tape is well used inside.

    But it is a 'R8 coupe' which is very rare, none having been made so he can name his price I guess.

    Ah Ebay is so entertaining.
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