Renault Scenic 2001 auto trans filter/kit
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    Default Renault Scenic 2001 auto trans filter/kit

    Posted in August regarding woes with the gearbox in my 2001 Scenic. Slowly nutting through things and they're looking better (relief!). Could anyone advise where to purchase an auto trans oil filter (we think in Aust at least it only comes in a kit). Happy to purchase overseas but wondering if anyone can give heads up on a company or web site. Thanks for your time, appreciate it. Sybille


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    In Australia i've bought the parts for the AD4 from APPROVED TRANSMISSION PARTS i 23-40 Gales Street East Brunswick, Vic. 93880944
    From the UK: VM TRANSMISSION PRODUCTS 1 Viveash Close, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 4RY, 020 8848 9911 i bought the 3/4 forward drum from them which was a strengthened unit a work of art.

    Ken from Carvell most likely has the filter as well.

    Keep your cooling system pristine so the transmission cooler doesn't clog up - or fit an air to oil cooler. These things run too hot which breaks the trans fluid down quicker. The idea of having a water to oil cooler is a good one in cold parts of the world.
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    I dont think there is such a thing on the DPO...?

    At 200K kms, change oil a couple of times, don't bother cracking open the sump pan and drive it 'til it drops. Its close enough to the end to not worry too much about it.

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    There is a filter in the DP0, it is internal and not accessible without removal and dismantling of the gearbox (a foolish design move).

    If there are no line pressure issues logged, then I wouldn't worry about servicing this part. Valve bodies improved through several design revisions, and other transmission aspects can also be remediated in an overhaul if you wish to preserve the car.

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