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    Default Help!

    Posted on "Parts" forum but no response, so am trying the "specialist site".

    Is there anywhere in Aus that can supply the quarter light rubbers for my 4CV resto. The originals have a wierd cross section that my mate the panel man hasn't seen before.

    I stress Australian rather than French (Melun retro) as I've just taken delivery of two new bumpers for the same vehicle, and the freight cost were almost as much as the bumpers.
    I'll go French if I have to as the service was superb, BUT costly.

    Any help appreciated.


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    I saw it on the other forum & assumed that you'd already been in touch with the register but, if not, why not contact the 4CV Register? Contact details are on their web-site. At the very least, someone might have a good second-hand set.

    cheers! Peter

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    A couple of small pieces of rubber would hardly attract the same postage costs as a couple of bumper bars. I’d seriously doubt, unless ’59 Floride has them tooled up, or someone has already bought but not used a set, that an exact match is available off the shelf in Australia. They are quite an involved bit of moulding.

    A generic rubber supply place would be unlikely to supply the correct profile, which ends up annoying you when they whistle or leak, then you have to spend the extra to buy the proper part from OS. But with those rubber items, they should be small enough to be reasonably inexpensive to post, otherwise combine them with other items. I’m surprised they were not able to combine them with the bumper shipment, as they are quite small and light relative to the bumpers.
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