Renault strategy extends to a lower cost segment than Dacia
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    Default Renault strategy extends to a lower cost segment than Dacia

    The press in France is carrying rumours that after the aborted projects in India, Renault Group intends to have a four vehicle low cost offering for emerging markets at the end of 2015. The pricing target is said to start at 3,500 euros. They will be based on the Nissan/Renault CAMM platform. The first market will be South America, then India and it is rumoured that the factors in Tangiers will shortly after service Europe.


    It looks to me as if Renault is taking the threats of global slow down and euro zone downturn seriously and has a strategy in place.
    Thay have not yet formally approved the project or at least I have not seen anything in their financial reports.
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    I wonder what it would be branded, if it gets into production?
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