Dauphine Power Unit Trolley/Work Station-img_0633.jpgDauphine Power Unit Trolley/Work Station-img_0634.jpgDauphine Power Unit Trolley/Work Station-img_0635.jpgDauphine Power Unit Trolley/Work Station-img_0636.jpgDauphine Power Unit Trolley/Work Station-img_0639.jpgDauphine Power Unit Trolley/Work Station-img_0637.jpg

As a member of the Bad Back Brigade it's painful working down low so I made a trolley from scrap steel & timber plus castors I scrounged from a dumpster.

To avoid a topple and stop it tilting back (the transmission/suspension is not supported so I can work on it) I put in a safety belt using chain & foam rubber pipe.

It's top heavy & has a small "footprint so I put in 3 outriggers- the long one is under the transmission.


That's it for a good while- the amount of $$ required for sandblasting required has convinced me to convert a rusty,no longer needed cage trailer into a sandblasting cabinet. I will use 3 compressors in parallel (2 borrowed!) for a total of ~30cfm