Douvrin - Fuego distributor rebuild
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    Default Douvrin - Fuego distributor rebuild

    Did a less than stellar Rob-Roy climb in the Fuego.
    Ran great up there and then @#q*&%t!
    50 second climb.
    Fellow club member R4 bettered the time.
    Woe is car.

    Final fix (after first changing plugs and then running out crap fuel) was a distributor rebuild.
    Having sourced a cap from England and a rotor locally, the internals were looked at.
    Shaft had more than 3/4 of a mm play at the top bush.
    Machined out original bush and installed a needle roller bearing.
    Was going to put in a sintered bush but had this at the right price.


    Douvrin - Fuego distributor rebuild-b1.jpgDouvrin - Fuego distributor rebuild-s1.jpgDouvrin - Fuego distributor rebuild-d1.jpg

    Beast runs sweetly again ie will pull well past 6.

    Would recommend bush inspection when replacing cap/rotor.

    On with continual development!

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    Good to hear it's sorted. Rob Roy doesn't like Fuego's.
    Last time I took the Fuego up, it had a boost control issue that resulted in the wastegate staying closed. It was quite sphincter tightening (and slow) crossing the finish line while wheelspinning at 100km/h.

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