Thinking of getting Clio Sport 182 - things to look out for?
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Thread: Thinking of getting Clio Sport 182 - things to look out for?

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    Default Thinking of getting Clio Sport 182 - things to look out for?

    Hi there,

    I am thinking of getting a Clio Sport 182, and was wondering if anyone could offer any guidance on common problems or things to look out for when inspecting.


    Thanks in advance!

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    Read up on OzRenaultSport.
    Otherwise 3 probs I've got or had with mine is, top engine mount, steering wheel grips and boot latch.
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    If it's all mechanically OK, the next things to watch out for would be speed cameras....just thinking aloud.........
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    Check the service history of the car, they MUST have the accessory belt, timing belt and tensioners replaced every four years or 100K km, a regular coolant change is also a good idea. Also replace the water pump and harmonic balancer, as the pumps start leaking around the same time, and the harmonic balancer has been known to slip. All up it ends up being a circa $2.5K service charge at a franchised dealer, or less by someone who knows what they are doing.

    Also check things like balljoints and tie-rod ends, they can get loose and rattly at the 60K km mark, as well as things like engine mounts that can suffer if the car has been driven as the factory likely intended. See if the gearbox oil has been changed, it is intended to be sealed for life, but works so much better with a regular change. Check the driveshaft boots for signs of perishing and premature splitting, as the inner LHS boot if split, will drain the gearbox. Seized power steering pumps are also not unknown.

    Apart from that, just check for general driveline wear and tear such as the clutch and shocks (for leaking oil). Brakes (discs and pads) usually last 50-70K km. The polycarbonate headlights fade if left in the sun, the steering wheel leather and thumb grips can deteriorate, as well as the rubberised surfaces on the dashboard and door pulls, otherwise the trim seems to last well.

    Just make sure everything works, such as the A/C, cruise, fans etc, or know how much it will cost if it needs repairing. And check if it has been bent, and how well it has been repaired.
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