Megane II window troubles
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    Default Megane II window troubles

    Hi all!

    I bought a 2005 Megane hatch recently knowing that its driver window is not functioning properly. The window will go down happily but it won't go back up. So, whenever I need to open the window for carparks etc. I close it instead by pressing the lock button twice. It was working a treat up until I decided to have a play with some of the fuses and the auto function stopped working on all windows. I didn't realise the windows auto function would stop working until reset after putting the fuse back in, which is all well and good for the three windows that went up. Now I'm stuck with the driver's window down, and the double lock won't close it.


    So, just wondering if it might be the window regulator module or the actual switch? And any tips of where to buy the replacement part(s) for a reasonable price?


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    The windows are a pain, difficult door card removal . you have to lift up and out. If you go down that path check for removal diagrams on the web . There are you tube videos on most aspects of the windows. They often break / strip cables but it sounds more like electrical. i get bits on Ebay out of the uk. might be better to get the simple up and down actuator ( which will have to be replaced) rather than the more expensive one that goes down when a hand is put in the way.

    Only other option is expensive dealer repair. If its just the electronic bit, on the end of the motor its not too hard. pulling the regulator cable assembly out is a different matter. Maybe some way of actuating the motor directly once you've exposed it to get the window up. Haynes manual may help.

    PS trawl through UK megane owners forum
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    I too have had problems with Megane windows ... seems to be a common complaint :-(

    Have a poke around in this Aussie Frogs history aussiefrogs - The Australian French Car Forum Since 1999 - - Google Search Results


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    If it is like the problem when a Luguna window winder breaks down (aging plastic clips, tangled wires or whatever) the easy fix is to price a generic replacement from European Autos in Melbourne at a reasonable price with full instruction as a strip out the old internals and drop in a new replacement fix.

    Or take the import genuine from the Uk - or bite the bullet and pay your dealer if you are not confident. I agree that checking the UK sites may reveal some convenient trick to overcome the problem by reprogramming the electronics in the door system for a cheap fix if the mechanism isn't damaged and requires replacement. That was possible on the Laguna where the window would only go up in fits and starts, secret was to take the window right down and go through a procedure to get the one touch function working - I posted step by step details of the Laguna window fix in a past post on the forum, hopefully similar to the Megane arrangement.


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