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Thread: Laguna 2 v6 non starter

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    Hi guys, It's a while since I last posted as I've been on medication for an illness for the last 12 months and haven't felt able to do much. I'm off meds now and feeling much better although I'm still having a little trouble getting my head around some things due to side effects of meds which will diminish with time I hope.
    I still have the Laguna which even surprises me as I've been under pressure from the wife to get rid of it and the old Subaru that's my main ride and upgrade to a later reliable vehicle. I've just payed the rego again without her knowledge as I'm hoping to sort the laguna's problems and keep it as my main ride. She doesn't understand that once you start a relationship with these vehicles that it's not that easy to walk away from ( for me anyway). Never thought I'd fall for a French car.
    Things I've repaired have been:
    Replaced injection ECU. Discovered by connecting a Clip a long list of faults, it didn't make sense that all these components would fail at the same time so set about with a DMM to track down the problem. Checked wiring, connectors etc and found the problem to be in the ECU. The circuit board in the ECU had started to delaminate and cause the 5v track to migrate over to the ground track. Sent the ECU over to the ECU doctor in UK who replaced the board for around $400 + shipping, wonderful job. Cleaning the connectors that plug into the ECU is a must as the pins were coated with a silicon substance that had hardened with time causing bad contact.
    Next problem was an Oxygen Sensor that had shorted due to wires that had rubbed against the engine. replaced that sensor and checked the others, all good.
    Car would now start and drive. But not for long. While driving only a few Ks and getting up to 80 to 90km speed car would go into limp mode and cut out, wait a minute or so, restart, and the same thing would happen when i got up to speed. No faults recorded. After checking fuel for pressure ( which seemed to check out) decided to get another fuel pump from the wreckers which ended the problem.
    Next was a Camshaft dephaser solenoid valve fault. Checked ohms with a DMM and found it had drifted out to 50+ ohms from the recommended 7-13 ohms. Had to get one from Renault dealers for $330. Ouch!. But I guess it's no more expensive than any other vehicle.
    Car was back on the road for a short time.
    Next was multiple faults again and a no start situation. I'm sick of the 'Lady in the dash' by this stage, wife on my back, lady in dash breaking my balls.
    Thought it had to be a wiring loom problem and checked with a DMM ( it's the only tool I know how to use, kind off) turned out to be the Y yoke that sits on top of the engine. I imagine it cops a lot heat and the plastic locking connector would tend to become brittle with time. Broke off the connector ( the plastic locking part) and used cable ties to make a more positive connection then wrapped with amalgamating tape to seal. This fixed that problem. Car was back on the road.
    Due to illness I haven't driven the vehicle much over the last 10 months just taken it out for a short drive once a fortnight to keep things ticking over. I noticed that the windscreen washer fluid got low ( was warned by 'My Lady') on one trip and choose to ignore it. Next outing the car wouldn't start with an 'Immobilizer fault warning from her majesty'. I remembered about the washer fluid and filled it up. Car was again mobile.

    So in the last couple of months a new problem has developed. I'm getting a DF 028 fault which is the Footwell/ventilation distribution motor. Checking the wires from the motor with the DMM I'm only getting a measurement of 1.5 Ohms when it should be 36 Ohms. Immobilizer kicks in as soon as I hook the battery up so cannot start car ( no +12V after ignition feed with immobilizer on) or use the Clip. I used to over come this by disconnecting battery for a while and reconnecting it then hold accelerator pedal down while inserting key-card which would reset immobilizer. Now the footwell motor has gotten worse and can't reset anymore so have to do something about the problem.


    My questions to the Brains trust at Aussie frogs are:
    Is this a 'Dash out' job?
    If yes is it doable for a novice?
    Can a replacement part be found at a wreckers or better off new part?
    Has anyone here taken the dash out on this model before?

    Thanks for any help and sorry about the long winded post, would like to keep this car but not sure if I can afford it. Cheers to all.
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    Seems we both love our V6 Laguna's and I am rather glad I haven't used one of those Damn Mechanics Monstering DMM thingys on my Laguna, finds far too many things to change IMHO! and most times when it has been connected to a clip, the darn thing finds nothing, its been ask questions and distill the answers, and take a punt and so far all real problems have been solved - perhaps it is luck and finger crossed have saved me heaps of ready cash.

    I do occasionally use a digital multi meter to test continuity or just an electrical test probe with a 12 volt globe, and that has been enough to find and fix things. I always clean electrical pins and coat them with a contact enhancing fluid before re-assembly (comes from having a fuego and probing its Renault genesis of electrickery gremlin weaknesses.

    It does sound like you have all the basic knowledge to fix things and sorry to hear of your protracted illness - hope things are really on the improve to sound health. I'm a bit puzzled at the dash lady reference as mine has been mute or absent, maybe that is a good thing. I certainly haven't tackled a dash out fix - no need (touch wood)

    I take it that you have access to a manual to find all those faults and fixes. I have a hard copy as I hate trawling through on line manuals, but on the specific problems you raise, I have no answers, perhaps Haakon or others may be helpful in narrowing down the electrical issues/possibilities.

    You seem to have done well with those faults you have sussed out..



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