Laguna III replacement
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    Default Laguna III replacement

    The Laguna II had a poor reputation in France for reliability and when the Laguna III replaced it they had over come the problems but the market never took to it. Renault in France has moved to a position of being a supplier of low cost and small cars. They are coming back into the quality end of the market next year with a Laguna replacement, built in northern France, but it won't be called a Laguna!

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    It'll be a Latitude Series 2 - made in Korea and based on the Nissan Altima in all probability.
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    I've heard it'll be built in Europe and in South Korea. Losing the Laguna name though, I don' think is a great idea.

    Aussie spec models will come from South Korea, but I just hope this time round, they make the same looking model in both factories, unlike the current situation, were there is two different faces for the Fluence sedan, one for Europe and the other from South Korea, obviously with the Samsung-Renault face, which is the one we get in Australia, which also happens to be the less better looking.
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