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    Default back to a two car houshold

    After the rx4 sat in its box for 6 month without rego, it has finally emerged for another year!!


    That means the fuego can get some love in the workshop without the pressing need to finish the job by the afternoon so I can drive it to work.
    On that note my work gear has smashed the fuego interior. Some love needed in that respect too.

    The RX4 is such a good contrast to the fuego....apart from the absurd gear ratios which i am stlill reacquainting myself with (90km in second gear) it is nice to be driving a benign car again after the almost fatiguing levels of involvement needed to drive my fuego.
    No power steering and heavy cable clutch combined with too much power and not enough throttle response make for a fun car with good feedback around the forest roads, but not so good in heavy traffic.

    It is also nice sitting up a bit higher and not being blinded by every new car's headlights. I can blind them now.
    Also being able actually see anything on an unlit road at night is a nice change.

    The scenic didn't need anything done to it for rego, but it did fail to restart in the drive of the workshop so after jump starting it I drove straight round to the sparky and had a new battery installed.
    An RX4 is not a car you'd be wanting to push to clutch start.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jo proffi View Post
    An RX4 is not a car you'd be wanting to push to clutch start.

    I can second that!
    Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone............

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