Hi all, been away for awhile. The Citroen C4 never raises questions and for a van we had a VW Transporter till written off last year. Found a 2003 Trafic, which covered nearly all my wishes:- Frontwheeldrive, diesel, barndoors and head space in the back.
It is the very basic model, without central locking, computers, etc. Therefor also lacks reverse alarm, which for my wife is important in view of the length of the vehicle and limited visibility to the rear.
Bought a kit, now installed and working admirably. It has an added "feature" as a speedo, with warnings when gowing faster than a pre-set speed. For that it needs to be wired to the speed pulse from the speedo.
Here is finally the question:- does anyone know the colour/place of the speed pulse wire somewhere behind the dash?
The back of the speedo has two connector plugs, a grey one with many, many wires and a red one with only seven or eight.
Your help would be very much appreciated.