renault scenic 2l 2005 card start system
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    Default renault scenic 2l 2005 card start system

    just another query for our ardent renault enthusiasts ! Both of my daughters cards are misfunctioing, 0ne opens the doors central locking but will not start the car, the other starts the car but won't activate the central locking. It would appear then that the card reader is functioning correctly and the faults lie with the cards. I suppose a new card has to be ordered from france via a renault dealer. Though I haven,t dealt with a dealer as yet I believe the cost of a new card runs into several hundred dollars. A bit of a shock!!! but is this the only way?Any advice greatly appreciated. Noddy4


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    Have you tried replacing the batteries in both of them? Does the internal central door lock button work and do the doors lock as you take off?
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