Has anyone here fitted a flip down DVD player in a Scenic JA?

I have to replace the one in my car that's not working but the one that's there has just been attached to the roof lining which I'm not happy with. This makes the roof lining sag and the does bounce around when going over bumps. I think over time it will eventually pull down the whole roof lining so I'd like to mount it to something more substantial than a piece of moulded cardboard (okay, it's probably plastic but that's what it looks like).

The roof stiffener rail is directly above the mounting but the fold in it is only around 1-2mm so doesnt't allow anything to be screwed or riveted into it and one can't really weld anthing to it without the danger of setting fire to the interior or burning the paint off the roof. I thought of maybe using some metal-metal adhesive to attach a mounting plate to the stiffener but don't know if the ones that are readially available (e.g. JB Weld) are up to the job. The roof gets pretty hot and I've got a dark car that makes it even worse.

Is there some way of fitting in a brace or another option?

I wouldn't bother normally but the roof lining already has holes in it and the grandbrats do like to watch shows when we're on longish trips (anything more than 5 minutes is long for them). It would cost just as much or more to recover the lining as if would for another player.

I could take it to a professional installer but they're the one that fitted up the old one to the roof lining and they're sure to charge an arm and leg if I want them to do it properly i.e. braced to something. And I already have the DVD player so they're sure to be screwed over on an install only.

Your suggestions would be appreciated.