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Thread: R8 copper brake line fitting thread size?

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    Ah, thank you very much Have to get hold of a T-piece then.


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    My worry has always been that a T piece is not factory standard and in the case of a serious accident may mean that your insurance company won't cover you and you may be liable. I really hate altering brake bits but having said that I have ground away some of the front calipers to allow the 13 inch mags to fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geckoeng View Post
    Hi Ben,
    Where did you purchase your copper tubing from ????
    Because if it is not specific for brake lines it is not up to the needs of the brake system, as originally used by Renault and some other continental manufacturers. Just be aware.

    If the vehicle for is for road use copper brake lines are likely to be knocked back by the inspector.

    The approved material is cunifer tube AKA copper nickel tube or bundy tube.

    Welded or soldered joins are not permitted and all fittings must be a double flare.

    Cunifer is cheap as chips and my suggestion would be to bend the tube yourself and let the brake professionals supply new flare nuts and flare the ends.

    Alternatively if you have the old lines take them to the brake place and them duplicated.

    I had a complete set of new rigid lines for a 404 made to sample with new nuts for less than $200 (trade)

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    Maybe your guys in the East don't know the rules that well.

    In the West I have never had cars knocked back and I still take my copy of the road act with me.

    I had the Gordini knocked back at CAMS scruiteneering, but I went to the chief and told him they were standard on early Renault and it got the stamp of approval.


    Read : Legality of Cu brake lines ?
    Ray geckoeng

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