Clio 3 2004 1.4l horn problem
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    Default Clio 3 2004 1.4l horn problem

    Has anyone on the forum any experience of checking out the horn on the steering wheel below the airbag: mine works in one place ,when the wheel is on full lock so it appears the system connection is worn. I,m a bit anxious about removing the airbag and finding out it could be difficult to repair. Any advice would be really appreciated. The Haynes manual doesnot say anything about it. thanks Mole


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    If you are like me and not confident of playing with safety essential items on MHOS, it is best left to those who know the ins and outs. Try the Renault dealer (and noting you are in Adelaide, hopefully you have better luck than me at either of them) or try Steve at Manta Automotive Services at Deacon Ave Richmond.

    As for the car, if it is a 2004 model, it will likely be a Clio 2 Phase 2 (with black headlight masks), the Clio 2 Phase 3 Campus 1.4 (with grey headlight masks) came out later on. Verify the build date of the car by looking at the label in the RHS door pillar.
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    The clockspring system looks like many other Euro cars. Quite possibly it was removed and refitted without centring and is now damaged.

    At the neutral or straight ahead position, there are usually two opposing marks like arrows or triangles, that should perfectly oppose. You need the steering wheel off to check this.

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