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    Default R12 on eBay

    This....ummh.... project car was advertised for $500. The price was affordable and it was local, so I asked the dude about the rust in the car, it is in just about every panel as well as around the bottom of the front window. Too much work for me, so I didn't pursue it any further.
    I checked this morning out of curiosity if it sold. No bids, but he has re-listed it at $1200!

    Renault 12 in Blacktown, NSW | eBay

    I've just noticed that he has registered it until April 2015, that would explain the price increase.

    Cheers Renomad

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    I think I've seen that car at Colliers (or around the corner from them) a few times and they have an Eddie who works for them. Wonder if they are one and the same?

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    At least "Eddie" will be able to tell his Mum that he tried to sell his OHOS.

    Next attempt it will appear with an ask of $1,250 with rego and a full tank of fuel, plus a voucher for a car wash.
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