Question about 08 2.2 dci laguna
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    Default Question about 08 2.2 dci laguna

    Hi all
    Just sold my Audi A3 2.0 TDI DSG great car just to small

    I am looking at a 08 2.2 dci Laguna 2


    I was wondering if anyone knows if the 2.2 is a dohc vvt diesel engine or a sohc engine seems the add says dohc vvt 2.2 5 speed auto

    When I look at wikipedia it says the 2.2 is a sohc engine and quite an old one to boot where as the newer series 3 lagunas have the 2.0 dci engine and its a dohc engine with vvt

    The car is an 08 which must have been the changeover year for the Laguna,s to series 3 as I have seen 08,s with completely different looks than this one and they have series 3 marked on the add

    Just wanting to get a diesel car with a dohc engine like the audi A3 had liked the way it went especially after a flash tune just didn't like the size of it being 6,3 tall

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    A quick surf of Google Images suggests they are a DOHC 16V motor.

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    Series 2 Laguna 2.2dci built until 07. Some of these imported to Oz may have 08 compliance plate. When I bought mine dealer listed as 08 model but manufacturer plate is 07 build date. Is 16v dohc 103 kw, 320 nm with DPF. Earlier series 2 dci 2.2 without DPF produced 110 kw and was one of the most powerful small diesel engines in the world when released!
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