Mégane II Reliability Issues
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Thread: Mégane II Reliability Issues

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    Default Mégane II Reliability Issues

    I'm looking at buying a 2nd hand Mégane II (non-Renaultsport unfortunately). Are there any known reliability issues to look out for? Thanks in advance.


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    They are a good reliable car. The RS versions do have a propensity to break top engine mounts (due to torque twisting) but they are easily sourced and fitted. I don't think the non turbo variants would experience this issue.

    My (2005) Megane has now done 150K km. The only problems encountered have been the aforesaid mount, a rear window regulator, and the very common airbag light that stays on. This last is caused by a loose connection under the front seats or in the pretensioner circuit. You just get used to the light showing on the dash.

    Try to get the 2 litre version over the 1.6 litre, unless you are buying solely for economy. You will appreciate the flexibility of the bigger engine.

    They are a very nice car to own and drive. Try and buy =>2006 as the basic models inherited the RS front suspension.

    The 2 litre engines are designed for turbo charging so have a very strong bottom end and you shouldn't have any issues under the bonnet. Mine feels like it has just run in.

    The rubber coating on inner door handles will start to fray with use. Apart from that, not much else goes wrong.

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    Have had a diesel (hdi turbo) for approx 7 weeks. I love it, fun to drive, goes like the clappers, frugal at the bowser and corners oh so well. My major dislike was finding it doesn't do dirt roads/fire trails like my 19 did!

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