The 1255 812 engine uses a 2mm offset rod to allow for the larger 74.5 mm bore motor . The 810 blocks have the same equal spaced bores as the 812 blocks and uses the small main bearings as the 1108 688 blocks and the 812 blocks. What I was wondering if I was to open up the 810 block to use the R8G shorter sleeves than bore the 74.5 mm sleeve to 76 mm it would allow me to use a 1470 cc A block short stoke piston in a wedge head build . I measured the piston crown heights and wrist pins it looks like they will fit the 810 rods .

This build would give me a 1300 cc short stroke engine the only problem is what do I do about the 2mm offset connecting rods ? has any one modified a 810 rod or 1397 rod to build a 2mm offset into them which would allow me to run the 688 / 1108 crank ?

Any thoughts

Manic gt