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    Default Italian tune or something b else

    I just picked up another RX$ scenic and compared to my one, there is a noticeable difference in performance,
    much the same as how two fuego's can perform totaly differently in spite of being the same motors.

    My motor is flogged to redline consistantly, has heaps of grunt up high and bugger all down low.
    So little in fact it is a bit of a dog to drive sedately with the gear ratio's as high as they are.

    It is not being hoonish of me to shift to third at about 70km/h (hooning is shift at 88km/h), whereas the new RX$ can putter along just fine at sub 2000rpm speeds and gets a bit wheezy up high.


    I wonder what the difference is for two identical cars?

    Is it possible to get cam timing just slightly altered, or on these engines is it spot-on or very very wrong???
    I have never done a cam belt on these newer motors so dont realy know how it all bolts together.

    Cant realy think of any other reason for the difference in motor performance.


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    Probably say production tolerances.
    My pre-warmed Fuego ran out of breath @5500, now 7.
    Short of any unforseen little bits wrong, tune it and see what happens over time.


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    Don't remind me!


    Catalytic converter blockage?

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    Hi Jo I'd say my driving style is the complete opposite of yours. Perhaps all the old sh*theaps I had when young, I've always been fairly gentle on the accelerator and the current daily drive (VW Polo) has plenty of low down torque so there's no need to rev it. With the 7 speed DSG it just glides along. Late 2013 we did a couple of weekends away and in the poor old police state many call Victoria about the only time you seem to get anywhere near WOT is passing. Something we don't do lot of here :-)

    Ever since a couple of passing manouvres, the car has never run stronger. So perhaps your new car does simply need an "Italian" tuneup?


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