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    Default R10 Gearbox mounts

    G/DAY ALL.
    I replaced all the gearbox mounts (top and side ) on Amanda's R10 this afternoon when i had the new top mounts in i then put in the sides after bolting the gearbox half up the crossmember plates were about 12mm away from the crossmember once i convinced them to mate up i noticed the new side rubers were already starting to part away from the gearbox mounting plates, I did all this with the car up on ramps with the cars weight on the wheels and a hydrolic jack under the gearbox, Is this the correct method or have i stuffed up?
    Cheers Peter.


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    Peter I have had the same problem and instead of tearing the side mounts apart I had to machine two plywood blocks to fill the gap between cross member and mount bracket, and used longer bolts to hold it all together.

    I suspect that there are different sized gearbox top mounts that makes all this possible, there is only one bloke I know who could confirm these suspicions, Simon where are you?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Peter is apparently a known problem with the modern day mounts, so I have used 12mm shims to relieve the stress.
    GBS sell these but I just made them from a length of 12mm x 50mm alum rod ( approx $14/ m) from George White in Clayton.

    See photos hope this helps.

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    That's part of the reason I went with Frans "failsafe mounts".

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